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Understanding the EEOC’s Recent Guidance Concerning COVID-19 in the Workplace

In this podcast, Tevis Marshall discusses recent guidance for employers provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on balancing concerns under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the midst of a pandemic. Topics include temperature checks and other health screenings, confidentiality of medical information, issues related to high-risk employees, and other frequently asked questions.

Techplace Tickler: eDiscovery Challenges in a Remote Work Environment

 In the first episode of our Techplace Tickler series, Danielle Ochs, Tom Lidbury, and Traer Cundiff discuss various eDiscovery-related issues that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people are working remotely. They cover data security concerns while working from home, remote document review, and best practices for collecting, capturing, and transferring data remotely.

California COVID-19 Series: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

In the first episode of our California COVID-19 series, Joe Beachboard and Charles Thompson provide answers to employers’ frequently asked questions based on our two recent California COVID-19 webinars. They discuss shelter in place orders, leaves of absence, furloughs and Cal-WARN Act obligations, payout of PTO and sick time, and cost-saving measures such as reducing the salary of exempt employees and reducing working hours.

Third Thursdays with Ruthie: Unionized Employers and COVID-19

In light of continued government orders relating to business closures, restrictions, and more during the coronavirus outbreak, unionized employers may be wondering about their obligations under the National Labor Relations Act. In this episode of the Third Thursdays podcast, Ruthie Goodboe and Jackie Damm discuss practical considerations for unionized employers during this unprecedented time, including whether employers need to follow the terms of their collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), common CBA provisions that may be particularly applicable during this time, and what to do if currently engaged in contract negotiations.

Labor Issues Implicated by the Coronavirus

In this podcast, Ruthie Goodboe discusses the coronavirus (COVID-19) as it relates to labor law. She covers the key obligations and prohibitions under the National Labor Relations Act, including managing employees who refuse to work, union information requests, and other potential protected, concerted activity.

Hiring Employees With Post-Employment Restrictive Covenants: Avoiding Lawsuits and Liability

In this episode, Mike Matula and AnnRene Coughlin discuss the key issues employers should consider when hiring an employee with post-employment restrictive covenants. They cover tips for avoiding litigation, best practices when working with new hires, and the logistics of resignation and transition to a new employer.

California Pregnancy Disability Leave: FAQs and Common Pitfalls

In this podcast, Karen Tynan and Jill Schubert cover the key provisions of California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave Law, including the interaction with other leave statutes, permissible uses for leave, common pitfalls for employers, best practices for documentation, and more.

Third Thursdays with Ruthie: Social Media Platforms and Labor Law

In this episode of the Third Thursdays podcast, Ruthie Goodboe examines the use of social media in the workplace through the lens of labor law. Delving into the positives—and the pitfalls—she discusses the advantages of using social media, like increased transparency, as well as the potential legal snares.  She explains several relevant advice memoranda from the National Labor Relations Board General Counsel, and she outlines guidance for constructing and implementing a social media policy that does not violate Section 7 rights.

Leaves of Absence in California: Know the Differences

As any employer with employees in California knows, there are some major differences between leaves of absence under federal law and under California law. In this podcast, Karen Tynan and Jill Schubert discuss the types of leaves afforded under California law and the similarities and differences with federal law, as well as best practices for recordkeeping and documentation.

Key Considerations for Employers As the Coronavirus Spreads

Information surrounding the new strain of the coronavirus is rapidly evolving, and employers may begin getting questions from employees. In this podcast, Michael Eckard and Kathy Dudley Helms discuss practical considerations for employers to keep their workforces safe, from educating employees traveling to China and other impacted regions as to the symptoms of the virus, to being prepared to discuss accommodation needs.