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Workplace Safety in California: 2021 Decisions and Trends

In this episode of our Workplace Safety in California podcast series, Kevin Bland and Karen Tynan discuss recent Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board decisions and enforcement trends. The speakers also address Cal/OSHA’s continued prioritization of COVID-19-related regulations.

This Is Labor in California, Episode 5: Current Hot Topics

In this episode of our California labor law podcast series, Maria Anastas and Daniel Adlong discuss recent union organizing by professional employees. The speakers also review a recent memorandum from the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) acting general counsel and assess its impact on what activity the NLRB will consider inherently concerted.

New York’s COVID-19 Vaccination Leave Law: The Latest on the Paid Time Off Requirement

In this podcast, Kelly Cardin and Jessica Schild discuss the requirements of the recently enacted state law requiring New York employers to provide paid time off to employees receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The speakers address frequently asked questions and key considerations about the new law.

Finally … COVID-19 Vaccines Are Widely Available: What Should Employers Do Now?

On April 6, 2021, President Joe Biden moved up his deadline for all American adults to be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine to April 19, 2021. In this podcast, Jim Paul, Jimmy Robinson, and Bret Daniel discuss key considerations for employer policies that mandate vaccines for workers, including federal agency guidance and state executive action and legislation. The speakers address employer inquiries into an employee’s vaccination status as well as the implementation of vaccine incentive programs and prospective vaccination waivers.

Workplace Safety in California: Cal/OSHA Inspector Interviews

In this episode of our Workplace Safety in California podcast series, Kevin Bland and Karen Tynan discuss Cal/OSHA inspectors’ interviews of employees, including the rights of employees, the agency, and counsel. The speakers also address tactics, strategies, and best practices for employers to consider in preparing for employee interviews.

COVID-19 Vaccinations: The Top Issues Facing California Staffing Agencies

In this podcast, Charles Thompson, Patty Matias, and Christian Keeney discuss vaccination policies for temporary employees in California. The speakers address the unique challenges for staffing agencies and employers with temporary workers regarding mandatory vaccinations and vaccine incentive programs.

Global Solutions, Episode 25: Diversity Data Beyond Borders

In this crossover episode of our Global Solutions podcast series and our newly-launched DE&I@Work series, Bonnie Puckett and Justin Tarka provide an overview of the use of diversity surveys as part of an employer’s diversity and inclusion program. The speakers address data privacy implications and discuss best practices for data collection. Ogletree Deakins’ Global Solutions podcast series includes country-specific flash briefings, full episodes on relevant topics for multinational employers, recap episodes, and companion materials. Ogletree Deakins’ DE&I@Work series focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, including roundtables with diversity and inclusion stakeholders. A companion article and other relevant content are forthcoming.

TECHPLACETM Talk: AI and Emerging Technologies

In this episode of our TECHPLACETM Talk series, Danielle Ochs, Jenn Betts, Stephen Riga, and Justin Tarka discuss artificial intelligence (AI), biometrics, robotics, and other emerging technologies, and the compliance issues that arise from their use, including privacy concerns.

Third Thursdays with Ruthie: The SAFE Workers Act

On January 13, 2021, the Secure and Fair Elections for Workers Act (SAFE Workers Act) was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the March edition of our Third Thursdays series, Ruthie Goodboe discusses the proposed legislation and the current state of mail- and manual-ballot representation elections.